As we travel through life we are guided and accompanied by other spirits. They are the souls who give us life, joy, and purpose. They are our parents, our partners, our children; families and friends. The loss of any of these leaves a hole in our lives, a tear in our souls. On this page you will find numerous links to sites that will inform and possibly assist you in helping to preserve health and quality of life for ourselves, and for those we love.

Please note: I believe that all links on this page are useful, informative and necessary. However, not all the links are appropriate for children, and some of the subject matter may be found disturbing and/or offensive by some adults.

The majority of links on this page are information and personal stories about specific illnesses, conditions and syndromes. However, when we think of the "quality of life" it means many things. I've included here links to sites of organizations that train assistance dogs, and sites that match these dogs with human partners. These animals and the dedicated people who train them add so much to the quality of life of those people in need of assistance dogs.

Financial Assistance For Vision Care

Alzheimer's Association Web Site

Disabilities Awareness
Sleep Disorders

Gender Identity Disorder.Please read with an open mind and a caring heart.

Breast Cancer Information and Awareness

Ovarian Cancer Information and Awareness

Cancer Survivors

Testicular Cancer

Domestic Violence knows no race, gender, age or color. WADV has information for ANYONE who has been a victim.


Amfar: The AIDS Research Foundation

Project Inform


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