Very Old Souls.....

In the film, "A Passage To India", a Hindu gentleman informs Miss Quested that her companion, Mrs. Moore, is a "very old soul". Miss Quested agrees that Mrs. Moore is indeed elderly. But this is not what the gentleman meant at all...... He was not referring to Mrs. Moore in the corporeal sense. He meant that her soul had travelled the earth many times for a very long time.
Reincarnation is a belief that is found in many religions around the world. Although I was raised in the Roman Catholic Faith, my family believed, and still believes firmly in the "recycling" of souls.

Eastern religions tell us that the soul must travel the earth many times before achieving Nirvana. My personal belief is that this travel is what Catholics refer to as purgatory. Returning time and time again, until we get it "right" and achieve heaven. But whatever you believe, it's difficult to deny those feelings of deja vu, that familiarity with a person or a place........

Have you ever met someone and seemed to know them immediately? Something in them is so familiar......... These are the "souls" we have travelled with throughout the ages. The friends, the lovers, the comrades-in-arms, parents or children of past lives.
Or perhaps it was a place...... The first time you travelled there, you knew it so well. You knew where to find streets, houses, shops..... And it felt warm and comfortable like an old sweater. Or it felt cold and frightening like a half-remembered nightmare? Were you there in another life?
Let me tell you my story........

Several years ago, I was visiting a friend in a Boston suburb. We were sitting in his kitchen, talking, and waiting for his wife to come home from work. His daughter, then not quite 3 years old, was sitting in a little rocking chair near the table, rocking her "baby" and acting like any toddler her age. She suddenly looked over at me with an odd sort of look. And although the pitch of her voice was still child-like, her vocabulary and tone were very mature when she spoke to me.
She said, "I know you."
My friend was startled because I had never met his daughter before.
"How do you know me?" I asked.
"I remember," she said.
"What do you remember?" I asked, intrigued.
"I remember when I was the lady and you were the little girl," she told me. "I would sit in the rocking chair and you would sit there by my feet. I would rock and brush your hair. We'd be sitting in front of the fireplace, and I would rock and brush your hair."
There was no fireplace in the kitchen. Not in this house, in this place and time anyway.
I asked if she could tell me more, but she had already come back to her current time and place and looked at me quizzically, like the toddler that she was. Something in her had felt it important to let me know that we had shared a time, a life together. When and where I still don't know.

Children are so much closer to the infinite. My son used to tell me about the grey dog and the pink house we lived in. We never had either in this lifetime. But as a toddler, he vividly recalled those things and, in fact, still looks for that pink house. And I have to wonder if that's why I have such a fondness for "Painted Lady" style Victorian houses...........
Before we are anywhere near grown, our closeness to the infinite is taken from us. It is snuffed out by other things; our busy daily lives, our fear of being different. And it is such a tragic loss........ Remembering is a gift we must never take away from those we love.

This page is dedicated to those "very old souls" I have travelled the road with many times before.

Have a story to tell? Please share it with me.

What's does your soul look like? (I know it sounds stupid...but just try it)

You soul is calm but exciting. You love a bit of adventure, but sitting down and quietly reading a book or listening to your favourite music is just as enjoyable. Your friends probably absolutly adore you! But there is perhaps another side of you they don't know, you're a deep person. You're sensible too. Keep it up!
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