My Journey

Life is a journey.
Every step you take
can lead you
down a different
path with different
circumstances, different
travelling companions.

I was born into the
Roman Catholic faith,
a "cradle" Catholic.
Admittedly, my family also held
some less than traditional beliefs.
Reincarnation, for one.

Bear in mind now, that I
was born into the faith before
all the changes brought about by
the Second Vatican Council.
That meant meatless Fridays throughout
the year. Read as, Codfish cakes
every Friday night.
And "confession" at least once a month.
Whether you needed it or not.

My very first visits to Mass were in
a darkened church,the priest with
his back to us, speaking
a language I could not understand.
So, I mostly daydreamed about
the mystery of Jesus and Mary.
And I had a real fondness for
St. Joseph. His feast day and
my birthday were on the same day.
And my mom always got me
"On Your St. Joseph's Day
Birthday" birthday cards.
My aunts got me nun dolls
and nun figurines.
It was sorely hoped that I would
honor the family by taking up
the consecrated life.
The idea didn't hold a lot of
appeal for me, but I thought
about it once in a while.

At Confirmation time, back in the
"olden" days, we got dressed up
in robes, and the bishop anointed us
and "slapped" us, and made us strong,
soldiers of God.

The church in general was
changing a great deal in
those days, the aftermath
of Vatican 2.
The mass was in English
and we all participated.
We even sang.

There were some things
that weren't different though......

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