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Hurt Not The Earth, Neither The Trees,
Nor The Sea....

Our world, our Earth is our
nuturing mother, our home.
Much has been written and sung of her majesty,
her beauty, her greatness. But everyday,
our "mother" is being destroyed.
Killed little by little, by progress,
overpopulation and greed.
The smoke from slash and burn
clearing of the Amazon rainforest
has been seen from space by
shuttle astronauts. The rainforests,
the lungs of our world,
are being destroyed at an alarming rate.
And it is believed that many species
yet undiscovered in these great
and ancient forests are being
destroyed before they can ever be
Our earth........whether you see it
as our mother or our home,
it is the only one we have.
We must take care of her.
And her children.

Please visit the organizations
shown on this page via
the links for their homepages.
Lend your support in any way possible.
Get involved. Future generations
depend on us.

Native American Wisdom

The earth is not our inheritance.
We borrow it from our children.

A Theory: Material Alternative to Wood