Awards I Have Received

This first award is very special to me.
It was made just for me by my son.
His pages are a part of this site.

He is so special!

This award was presented to me by Maven's Haven. To tell the truth, I really didn't expect to win it. Maven really looks at your site and provides you with her thoughts on it. So even if you don't win her award You've won her very useful thoughts and ideas about your site. Click on the award to read what Maven said about this site.

I'm very proud of the Awards displayed here. All of these were presented to me by people with very beautiful sites. And so, receiving these awards from them really knocks me out!

Thank you Ebbie!!

Thank you very much Judi!

Many thanks Judy

Thank you Jessie and Renee

Both of these mean so much to me Renee

Thank you Judi!!

Thank you Tricia